Godiva's Quest registration is now open to all. You can find it here. The winner will take home the coveted third judge position for Ye Grand Olde Chariot Race!

Registration for contestants in Mr Blue and Gold and Godiva's Crown is now open! You can register here for Mr. Blue and Gold and here for Godiva's Crown.

If competing isn't your thing but you like callously judging your peers hard work then register to be a judge! The ladies can register to judge Mr Blue and Gold here and the guys can register to judge Godiva's Crown here. If you are a F!rosh have no fear! There is a spot on each panel reserved just for F!rosh!

Wow, such registration!


Jan 08, 2015

Congratulations to Colin Parker and Team ECE 1T6 for being the first team to solve Godiva's Quest 1T5! Colin and his team will be Questmasters for Godiva's Quest 1T6 next year, and Olga Bondarev has accepted the third judge's position for Ye Grande Olde Chariot Race!

It's Aliiiiive!!!

What's alive you might ask? Well, if you haven't figured it out by now, it's our pleasure to inform you that you are on the website for the one, the only, Godiva Week 1T5!!! This week is one concentrated week of Skule Spirit and shenanigans and will literally be the best week of your life each of the four (or five....or ten) times you get to experience it! Sometimes compared to F!rosh Week, Godiva Week is better in absolutely every conceivable way! (and several inconceivable)[Citation Needed] .

Hype. Hype. Hype. Okay, now, enough hyping, and time for some nitty, gritty details! Godiva Week starts at 5:00 PM on January the 5th and runs all the way to some undetermined time on the night of Friday the 9th. Unlike F!rosh week most of the events in Godiva Week take place in the one and only Pit (also known as the SF Atrium).

So now I know what Godiva Week is, but what can I do about it?

Good Question! Up near the top of the website it says "Click Here for Full Schedule", if you click there you get to see the full schedule of Godiva Week! (Surprise, surprise...) Use the schedule to find out when all the awesome events are occurring so that you can go to all of them! If you're the studious type, you can plan which events to attend around your schedule, but lets be real, nothing gets done in the first week of class anyways!

Two events require an actual application to be filled out (Oh the horror!) before you can participate. These are the totally awesome Godiva's Crown and Mr. Blue and Gold! If you want to judge or compete in either of these events simple follow the links above. To those F!rosh thinking of applying, there is one spot reserved on the judges panel on both competitions JUST for F!rosh, so apply away!

Godiva Week is not something that can be completely summed up in words, you have to experience it for yourself! See you all on the 5th!

Alejandro Mejia & Aidan Solala
Blue & Gold Committee Chairs, 2014-2015

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